Royal Aderlaide

Depth : 12m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 34' 63N 2 28' 54W 
Travel time to site :   1H :40M
Price per diver:   £28.00

The Royal Adelaide came aground of Chesil Beach in November 1872 on route to Sydney. All but 5 of the crew were rescued by breeches buoy. Unfortunately for the locals of Portland the story does not end there. A large consignment of Dutch gin was washed up on the beach where a crowd of approximately 3000 had gathered. Come morning, no fewer than 20 locals lay dead on the beach as a result of exposure whilst under the effects of excessive drinking. The wreck is badly broken up as a result of the battering on Chesil Beach but there are still a couple of areas from the orginal ship to see. This particular site has become famous for its summer inhabitants, Grey Trigger fish. It is also a very good site to see both crab and lobsters.
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