Chateau Yquem

Depth : 45m
Dive type : Wreck
Travel time to site :   0H :00M
Price per diver:   £75.00



Max Depth Seabed: 47m             Depth to top of Wreck: 38m  

Approximate Position: 50.29.15N 02,59.05W 

Tonnage: 1913tonnes    Length: 85.44m       Cargo: Ballast

Date Lost: 30/06/1917      How Lost: Torpedoed UB 40

Minimum Qualification: PADI Tec 50 / Technical Diver (Or Equivilent)

The Chateau Yquem was built in 1914 in Nantes, France by Ateliers & Chantiers de la Loire (Nantes) – Yard No 479. She was in Ballast on passage from Dunkirk to Barry when she was sunk by a Torpedo from the UB -40.

The Master was below having a 10 minute break of watch for his dinner when an explosion shook the stern of the vessel. The master realised that the Chateau Yquem was sinking quickly and ordered the lifeboats to be launched. 5 crew were wounded, 1 seriously. One man, a gunner, was missing presumed dead as the explosion was near the rear mounted gun. The Chateau Yquem sank within 10 minutes with all but 1 of the crew being picked up by a patrolling torpedo boat and taken to Portsmouth.

The wreck is still fairly intact although she is broken amidships. Described by divers as a "Cracking Dive!"

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