Depth : 60m
Dive type : Technical (deep)
Travel time to site :   0H :00M
Price per diver:   £80.00

British Navy Destroyer D Class built in 1932; Fairfield Shipping Co; 1.375 tons; 326x33x8.5; 36.000 shp; 35.5 knots; turbine engines; 3-drum boilers; four 4.7 in guns; 7 smaller, 8 T.T.

The destroyer Delight, Cdr M. Fogg-Elliott, was bombed and sunk by German bombers off Dover (Portland, Dorset) on July 29th, 1940, at the beginning of the heavy raids on England. The destroyer carried a complement of 148 of whom six ratings died of wounds and three officers, including the commander. 57 ratings were wounded.

This is HMS Delight.
The wreck is broken in half. The forward section is upside down and collapsed.
The forward magazine has broken open through the keel and 4.7 inch shells are evident in pods of four. Many of these are pressure damaged. It is possible to see under the hull just aft of this area. At some point near the engine room the hull has twisted over and is upright missing most of its superstructure and the 4.7 inch after gun emplacement. This may lie on the seabed close by. The after magazine has also broken open. The stern is intact with both propellers although one has fallen off. The depth in the scour under the stern is 60m

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