Ashmun J. Clough

Depth : 60m
Dive type : Technical (deep)
Location : 50 10' 0N 1 41' 0W 
Travel time to site :   0H :00M
Price per diver:   £80.00


  American steam merchant ship ASHMUN J CLOUGH, 1791 tons, torpedoed by U-989 in August 1944. Upright and largely intact but swathed in lost fishing gear. War cargo of tank tracks, tyres and other military stores. Depth 60-62 metres.

At 08.30 hours on 26 Aug 1944 the Ashmun J. Clough (Master Edward Dent Hodge), the ship of the vice-commodore in convoy EBC-82 was torpedoed by U-989 north of Cherbourg. The U-boat heard a heavy detonation after 1 minute 12 seconds and saw a hit underneath the bridge with a 150m high smoke column. The ship broke in two and sank within two minutes. The master, 11 crew members and four gunners (the ship was armed with one 12pdr, four 20mm and two Lewis MG) were lost. 15 crew members and four gunners were picked up by the British motor launch HMS ML-450 (SubLt R. Freeman), transferred to the HMS Azalea (K 25) (LtCdr G.C. Geddes) and landed at Cherbourg.

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