SS Netley Abbey/Hartburn

Depth : 40m
Dive type : Wreck
Travel time to site :   0H :00M
Price per diver:   £60.00

Four miles SSW (202.5º) of St Albans Head on the Dorset coast lays the wreck of a large iron steam sship  About one mile to the east of the more recent and popular wreck of the Aeolian Sky this dive site is well known but not regularly visited. Those who have been there may know it by various names, the most likely being the Hartburn or the Start.

It is unlikely that the wreck in this position is either of those vessels.  Using information gathered from both the current day wreck site and referring back to original documentation numerous other possible candidates have been identified and eliminated. This leads to the conclusion that the identity for this shipwreck is Netley Abbey sunk by collision with HMS Surprise in 1899.



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