HMS Landrail

Depth : 31m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 33' 75N 2 37' 54W 
Travel time to site :   1H :45M
Price per diver:   £45.00

HMS Landrail entered service just after the outbreak of WW1 as a Torpedo Gunboat. After the war she was decomissioned and sold for breaking. In 1921 she was used as a floating target for the Navy and filled with cork. It was hoped that this would keep her afloat longer than usual. Unfortunately this plan didnt work and she sank to the bottom not long after the first shell was fired. She makes a lovely site and is home to the biggest crabs and lobsters you will see. She sits in a line North to South and in places sits 3-4 metres from the sea bed
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