Depth : 14m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 34' 86N 2 24' 91W 
Travel time to site :   0H :15M
Price per diver:   £20.00


Cragside a steel built steamer, registered in Newcastle in 1892 and lost in Portland Harbour on the 22nd February 1923.

She is sitting on the sloping breakwater wall almost at its base. She is a whole vessel complete with propeller. Depth to the deck is 11m.

The wreck is in three parts -

1) the bow lies up against the breakwater, pointing to the surface,

2) the midships lies along the length of the breakwater lying on its starboard side. It is in poor condition with much of the structure missing, except the very bottom of the ship. Some ribs do stand up mainly on the port side. Finally the stern is in quite good condition by comparison.

3) the stern also lies over on its starboard side with the rudder and single screw propeller still visible. The propeller is iron and consists of four blades. Each blade is just over a metre in length and 72cm across. Both the propeller and the rudder are partially buried in the seabed.

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