Landing craft

Depth : 14m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 34' 39N 2 24' 98W 
Travel time to site :   0H :15M
Price per diver:   £20.00

There are many landing craft vessels within the area. This particular one is the intact wreck of an LCT (Landing Craft Tank). This vessel was lost in bad weather in the harbour. At the time of its loss there was much preparation being carried out in the area for the Normandy invasion in June 1944. Portland was very much in the thick of this and the whole area was used by the Americans to load troops and equipment for the invasion. The vessel lies upright and is, in the main, completely intact. Very close to this wreckis also the remains of the Bombardon unit. These were an experimental wave breaking device used on D-Day with the mullbery harbours complete with an intact barge.
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