Depth : 35m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 31' 53N 2 33' 80W 
Travel time to site :   1H :40M
Price per diver:   £45.00

The Anworth or Lobster wreck is in 35m, and is small steam coaster, with the bow damaged, and the stern missing. The engine is destroyed, although there is some evidence of its remains in the sand, along with a condensor. A single boiler is still present. At the other end of the wreck, there is winch and remains of the bow buried in the sand. Bags of cement are through out the wreck, and were obviously the ships cargo.

Alledgedly a bell was recovered from this wreck with the name Anworth on it, but so far no record has been found of an Anworth in the archives.

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