Depth : 48m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 24' 88N 2 26' 21W 
Travel time to site :   1H :10M
Price per diver:   £40.00

U-322 - The area around here is not short of submarine wrecks. This one, the U-322 is the wreck of the VIIC/41 German submarine that was depth charged by the Canadian Corvette HMCS Calgary in December 1944. Previously reported as the U-772, she was subsequently re-named as the latter was confirmed to have been sunk close to Cork. The U-322 was comissioned in February 1944 and was responsible for the sinking of three ships under the command of Oblt. Gerhardt Wysk. Her last kill was the liberty ship Black Hawk, the stern section of which is very close by and also a popular dive. The U-322 was a later model U-boat, evident from the fact that she is fitted with a snorkel. Although broken up in the front there is plenty to see including life raft pods and elevated periscope.
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