Royal Aderlaide

Depth : 12m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 34' 63N 2 28' 54W 
Travel time to site :   1H :40M
Price per diver:   £45.00

The Royal Adelaide came aground of Chesil Beach in November 1872 on route to Sydney. All but 5 of the crew were rescued by breeches buoy. Unfortunately for the locals of Portland the story does not end there. A large consignment of Dutch gin was washed up on the beach where a crowd of approximately 3000 had gathered. Come morning, no fewer than 20 locals lay dead on the beach as a result of exposure whilst under the effects of excessive drinking. The wreck is badly broken up as a result of the battering on Chesil Beach but there are still a couple of areas from the orginal ship to see. This particular site has become famous for its summer inhabitants, Grey Trigger fish. It is also a very good site to see both crab and lobsters.


A pig from on board the boat had somehow miraculously survived the storm and managed to swim to shore in the early hours of the morning. Safely on shore, his new found freedom didn’t last long. Spotting the valuable animal, he was quickly captured and thrown over a mans shoulder, who then staggered up the steep slopes of the pebbled beach with his weighty booty. Once on firm ground the satisfied man started to march homewards, pleased with his piece of precious pork. the soldiers also spotted him and the squealing pig, he found himself being marched off in a different direction… towards the police station. Over the years she has been pounded by the storms and pebbles now a few beams and plates and girders rising from the shingle are left, but it is home to crustaceans’ and many fish one can normally find trigger fish there and on rear occasion a sun fish has been seen.

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