Depth : 38m
Dive type : Wreck
Location : 50 28' 38N 2 20' 76W 
Travel time to site :   1H :20M
Price per diver:   £40.00

The SS Ethel was built in 1898 in Stockton on Tees to transport general cargo. She was torpedoed bt the submarine U-104 to the south east of Berry head in Devon. She remained afloat and was taken on tow to Portland. Unfortunately she never made it and sank not far from Portland bill. She was heavilly salvaged due to the amount of copper/lead and brass she was made from. She is very broken up but is one of the best fishing sites in the UK due to its location close to the shambles bank. Standing about 6 metres off the seabed. Well worth a dive.


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