Depth : 12m
Dive type : Wreck
Travel time to site :   1H :20M
Price per diver:   £28.00

Gertrude - DEPTH 14m

Another victim of fog, this vessel foundered on rocks close to Portland Bill on the 26th August

1894. The ship is still partially on the slope of boulders down which she slide as she sunk. Her

boiler, which has fallen out from the starboard side, lies 4m away from the wreck’s side, and it

easy to recognise. Her bows are on the kelp line at 6m. To be found around the stern at 14m

are masses of steel plates and a rudder with a blade of her propeller sticking out of the sea bed.

The ship’s anchor lies a short distance off the port side. Marine life is in abundance on this

interesting wreck.


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