Merchant Royal

Depth : 57m
Dive type : Wreck
Travel time to site :   2H :00M
Price per diver:   £70.00


Merchant Royal

The Merchant Royal is an immense British cargo steamer of some 5,008 gross tons. She has a length of 416ft and a beam of 55 ft and was built in 1920 by J. Redhead & Sons at Sunderland. She was fitted with a huge Doxford triple-expansion 3-cylinder steam engine.

She was involved in a collision and sank on the 3rd July 1946, carrying a cargo of steel and wood. Tugs were dispatched from Portland to assist. But they could do nothing to prevent her from sinking.

 Although her bows are blown off, but her mid section & stern are upright with a heavy list to starboard. Her superstructure still stands a full 15m from the seabed. She makes a spectacular dive, with good visibility usually in this area. Care is needed when entering her holds as it is possible to go below seabed depth and reach 60m but if you do find yourself there, look out for the copper ingots that were missed by the salvage men.

The ships bell was recovered by a diving group in 1984 - it had the inscription "Goodwood 1928"

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